The photos on this page, of the owners, Jen House and Kendall Goddard are fairly non-traditional as far as “head-shots” go, and it was done on purpose. These editorial shots are a subtle, yet stylish hint at what can happen when two different aesthetics, two different styles, and two different personalities come together. Kendall’s fresh and ethereal approach to her personal style and event styling preferences brings a flair of California-casual, paired with very down-to-earth, clean, modern touches.

Jen, however, is an old soul, she loves anything vintage and couture. Jen has an affinity for pairing rustic vintage pieces with fresh and vibrant floral, to keep things current and lively. Bringing Jen and Kendall’s similar, but different style sensibilities together, has created a power house of creative energy that leaves every client feeling as though they’ve been heard and understood. Jen and Kendall create events for the client, with the clients preferences in mind, but they bring two different event & floral styling perspectives to the table that help to nurture the creative process and help exceed their clients expectations.

The best part about their partnership and their varying style choices is that they’re never bored and never stifled into a rut, never do they design the same event twice.  Their design playing field is open and ever evolving with the times, which allows them to work with various types of people, with a variety of design & floral needs in a vast array of locations.


Jen House & Kendall Goddard
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