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Jen House Design is a boutique floral design company that specializes in the art of floral design and event styling with special attention to detail and quality. We take your ideas and expand upon them, or better yet, we help you to discover your personal floral and event style if you come to us without specific design preferences. We use color, containers, shapes and textures to design a floral plan that will fit your needs, vision and budget. Floral is an important part of any event, big or small, but we happen to be event planners, as well, which means we also know that your event requires more than floral to tell the story of your soiree’ – it is also about creating an atmosphere to compliment your floral design. No fear! We are also here to advise on lighting, specialty linens and event installations that will give your party the flair and feeling you’re looking for.

Designing an event is about creating and cultivating a personal event style. Capitalizing on details that reflect your distinctive preferences. Ask yourself, what is it that inspires you? Is it the pillow you bought at the flea market? The wallpaper at your favorite boutique hotel or the color of the hydrangeas in your mom’s garden? The things that inspire you do so because they conjure up certain feelings. Our goal is to take what inspires you, what you love and infuse it into your event.

Every event tells a story, provokes an emotion, and creates a memory. Whether it’s your wedding day, an engagement party, or a small but elegant dinner party at home, we are here to co-design and create a customized, personal, stylish event that ties together your venue, your theme and your style! We want to captivate your guests, leave you breathless and craft an event atmosphere that won’t soon be forgotten.

Jen House & Kendall Goddard
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