With so many requests for a second Petal Party, even in wedding season we just had to make it happen!  Floral Crowns are SUPER in trend right now, and we get so many requests from folks to make them for their kids, their bridal showers, their wedding days, their styled shoots—-the requests made us think, “hey, why don’t we teach these gorgeous ladies how to make floral crowns for themselves!” :)

So! Our class will be featuring not just one floral crown, but two.  Yes, two!  One, more detailed featuring Garden roses and Anemones, ranuncula, with touches of greens.  And the second made of curly willow or hemp with mini wild daisies.


Date:  Wednesday, October 15th

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location: 139 West Liberty, Plymouth (Jen House Design Studio)

Feature: The instruction, supplies, and creation of 2 floral crowns.  We will provide champagne punch, refreshments, good music and fun!

Cost: $110

Email: Jenhousedesign@hotmail.com to sign up (pre-sign up required)



Carly_032_14653974185_l copy Carly_006_14631029166_l copy Petal Party 1

Photo Credit: Alison Claire Photography and Britt Heuter :)