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Just Married: Van Thomas & Vaughan I Detroit Floral & Event Design

We have been doing floral and event design for some time now, though our new business name and re-branding would have you think otherwise, Kendall & I have been at it for nearly 7 years and we’ve got the thorns in our thumbs to prove it!  And, never, have we ever, gotten such a response to an event design quite like this.   The calls, the posts, the instagram and facebook love overwhelmed us!  Truly.  Van and Vaughan are stylists, so the bar was set very high to get this one just right.  Our friend and fellow colleague, Jeffrey Lewis Bennett with JLB Wedding Photography referred us to this handsome couple and we are eternally grateful. Jeffrey, we owe you one, because this was all our pleasure.  We shouldn’t say this, but we probably would’ve done it for free it was so amazing!  Pretend we didn’t say that. ;)

A vision they had, and a vision we delivered!  It was stunning, the DIA is a stunner all on it’s own with it’s rich architecture and art work, but the Great Hall was transformed to reflect a masculine but soft design scape.  Crowds of people were gathered around as we created each centerpiece and laid out the succulents one by one.  The museum was open while we were setting up and it felt as though we were one of the exhibits, we got a kick out of it!  We couldn’t contain ourselves, and the highlight of the day was that the happy couple stopped by to get a peek before the design was complete and they were in awe.  I mean, speechless.  Shout out to our friends at Luxe Event Linen for the amazing linen scape and brand spankin’ new Chiavari Chairs!  It was just the perfect, classic accent to the lush green succulents, Monstera Palms and Curly Willow.  I’m pretty sure even our team was speechless that day, getting to stand in such an awesome space and see it all come to life.

But, nothing, and we mean nothing, could prepare us for what was to arrive in the inbox the next morning.  It’s usually better to see the design in person, to see the vibrant colors, the candlelight, the textures…..but not this time.  These photos.  Oh these photos.  See for yourself……

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Under Water Photo Shoot with Alison Claire Photography I Detroit Floral Stylist

Happy Thursday everyone…. well, it’s technically almost Friday!  So TGIF! :)  We are surely in the thick of wedding season and even though we’re busy as ever, we vowed to blog weekly- and so, well, that’s what we’re gonna do!  And this, THIS is worth blogging about at 10pm on a Thursday night.  And it’s absolutely worth your viewing pleasure on a Thursday eve as well- we promise!  We all see a lot of family, senior, baby, pregnancy, boudoir, and even pregnancy boudoir photo shoots on facebook, twitter etc.  But, unless you follow Alison Claire Photography, you won’t often see this while killing time scrolling through your news feed.  She’s known for her water photo shoots these days and they’re in a word- inspired.  The photos evoke emotion and embody creative artistry. Ethereal, dreamy and dramatic, all at once.  So, when she called to ask if we’d be willing to do some floral styling for one of her famous water photo shoots, we said, of course!  Actually, I think it went something like— “Um, YESSSSSSSS!”  I’m pretty sure, those were our exact words, actually.

Just one look at the photos and you’ll see why we were so pumped.  Kudos, Alison!  These pics are as dreamy as ever.

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Elise & Brian I Earhart Manor I Ann Arbor Event & Floral Design

Jen House Design was so pleased to be a part of Elise and Brian’s wedding day at Earhart Manor in Ann Arbor, and it was gorgeous! A tent, great weather and simple floral elements with tons of candlelight equals design bliss for us!  Sometimes simple is so perfect and at Earhart it doesn’t take much to make it stunning.

Michelle Lamarand Photography provided us with some gorgeous photos of the event (see below) and we were blown away!  We love working with Mishelle and treasure her photos, truly!  We partnered on this event with our sister company A Moment In Time Wedding & Event Production .   They did an incredible job coordinating on the day of and we provided the floral elements.  We are loving the photos of the bouquet.  Not sure Elise could be MORE stunning??  Seriously!  Elise and Brian have known each other for over 10 years and their wedding reflected their love, their personal laid back style and we loved every second working with them!

And don’t forget to check out that cake from Sweet Heather Anne!  It was a piece of art, the pictures don’t capture the sheer size and the details featured in the design of the cake were spectacular.  Not to mention that her flavors are so unique and tasty.

Congrats to Elise & Brian!  And thank you again, to Mishelle Lamarand Photography for providing us with some gorgeous photos.  Go check out more from her blog post here!  P.S. We had to slip a photo of Elise with our Co-Owner, Jen House as she waited to pin the groom & groomsmen and ooh and ahh over our gorgeous bride!




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