Dreamy, ethereal, smart, sharp, vintage and timeless.  How would a new brand take those words, those “pieces and parts” and fit them into a cohesive partnership?  A design partnership to be exact.  Sitting in the vestibule of a tiny Chapel, on a cold day in March is where it really began.  That day, at that time, we were wearing our “Wedding Planner hats” and waiting patiently for an intimate ceremony to come to a close.   To pass the time, a casual brain storming session began. The talk was comprised of annoying, boring business details- salary, raises, trying to create a somewhat dependable schedule (ya right!). All things we seem to only find the time to talk about when we’re forced to sit, be still and not do any busy work.  Kendall twirled a ribbon in her hands- Jen, switching her wedding planner “hat” quickly to the “design hat”- began making a corsage for a god-mother that was added last second.

It’s hard to recall, but the discussion somehow transitioned from boring business details to Jen’s current passion of turning the floral side of her already very successful event planning company (A Moment In Time Wedding & Event Production) into its own brand, its own company.  Design had become such a big part of what they did as wedding planners, especially floral design.  And, it was a HUGE part of what she and Kendall built in their time working together.  It made sense to include Kendall in the new venture.  6 years working our fingers, feet and bodies to the bone not only planning every detail of over 500 events, but also conceiving and selecting every element of their clients wedding design scape, called for a merging of minds, talents and skill sets.  Sounds corny, but this magical little moment happened in that chapel that cold day in March.  Kendall and Jen were on exactly the same page, at just the right time.   Kendall wanted a piece of the pie, and Jen was more than ready to share the pie!  It only made sense, both having different reasons but the same common goal.

Applause broke out.  The ceremony had concluded and cheers of joy rang in the chapel as their couple began recessing down the aisle.  Back to work, but the discussion continued.  It continued for days, actually.  Which brings us back to- “dreamy, ethereal, smart, sharp, vintage and timeless”.   On a yellow legal pad, these words sat strongly at the top.  So, ok, they were written down, but how do we convey them in imagery, in feeling, in design?  How do we marry (pun intended) varied style preferences to create a brand that makes sense, a brand that is cohesive?   Creating a new business is tricky, even trickier is one that has essentially already existed for years but needs its own identity.  Finesse is required, especially in the wedding & event industry.  The website was the obvious place to begin creating the theme of our brand, and a styled shoot was needed to execute, communicate and tell the story of who we are and what we do as designers.  This would set the mood for the site and everything we create around the new company will stem from this.

And so, a styled shoot was born.  Well, really, the equivalent of 3 styled shoots was born and were packed into one day, a long, (very long) 12 hour day. Our fabulous photographer Alison Claire crawled through trenches (quite literally), rolled in mud, laid in fields of itchy dry grass and stuck with us through every change.  We took too much on, let’s just say that.  It was quite a day, a beautiful, crazy day.  Hugo with Motor City Vintage Rentals was ever so patient for the vintage portion of our shoot and our incredible team of Make-Up Artists with POSH Studio battled bugs and all of the elements that a woodland landscape brings with it.

The most satisfying thing about the craziness of that day, is that the photos don’t show one bit of the mud, bugs, elements and chaos.  Our models were gorgeous, they donned dresses from the charitable organization, The Brides Project.  An incredible charity that donates proceeds of dress sales to families and individuals battling cancer.  We ended the day with the table-scape portion of the shoot and Jessica with Luxe Event Linen was instrumental in helping to create two table designs, in the woods, on un-level ground, under challenging circumstances.  The tables were stunning in person, but the pictures- wow.  Just wow.  Receiving the photos from Alison, one section at a time, was like Christmas, Hanukah, Fourth of July and just about any other holiday you can think of- all packed into one.  Each section of the shoot represents the partnership between Jen and Kendall.  Those words at the top of that legal pad came to life in photos, in design, through colors and textures and emotions evoked through the models.  Dreamy, ethereal, smart…… and well, you get the gist.  Welcome to the world Jen House Design, welcome to the world.

Jen House & Kendall Goddard AMITWoods-81 AMITFlowers-31 AMITVintage-42 AMITVintage-132-1 AMIT_Field_030 AMITFlowers-55 AMITFlowers-48 AMITFlowers-8 AMITFlowers-1